Tile Flooring Has Come A Long Way!

Have you been considering tile flooring for a room in your home? If not, maybe you should - tile has come a long way! Whether you’re searching for an exceptionally durable flooring material, or a flooring option that looks great - tile flooring may be the right choice for you, whether you're in State College or anywhere else.

Fred McClellan is the owner at Jr’s Quality Tile and Hardwood. He and his team specialize in helping customers in State College find the best tile flooring that is beautiful, durable and low maintenance.

According to Fred, tile flooring has come a long way in a short time.

“Digital printing has improved the overall look and feel of tile, and this has enabled tile to replace many natural products in the flooring industry,” Fred says.

Advanced printing techniques allow tile to mimic many other flooring options, allowing the customer to get tile’s legendary durability along with Tile for post2amazing different looks.

“We have seen wood look tile, stone look tile, stacked stone, pavers, slabs and even carpet and textile looks have become available,” Fred says. “Tile has truly advanced as a material of choice for most consumers in the world.”

Fred is the region’s premier expert in tile installation, with over 40 years of experience.

“I was taught to install tile from my father at the age of 16,” Fred says. “I furthered my education along some very talented old school setters, many seminars and clinics. I continue my education with trade magazines and direct access lines with manufacturers of setting and grout materials required to make a successful installation.”

How about outside the home? Could - for example - wood-look tile be used for a front porch? Fred says yes - with an important caveat.

“There are  requirements for an exterior tile, and attention to products and weather conditions are some of the things to be thought about before proceeding,” Fred says. “We have installed porcelain tile on exterior porches and with the new technology the look is impeccable. I prefer that this area be somewhat protected from the elements.”

What are the limits of using tile outside? Could tile be placed around a pool, for example?

“I wouldn’t use a tile around a pool in our climate zone,” Fred says. “We experience to many freeze thaw cycles to use tile out in the open.”

So, we know tile flooring has come a long way in terms of looks - but where else can it be used? Literally anywhere in the home, according to Fred.

“Tile can be used anywhere on the interior of a home or business. Floors, walls, ceilings, back-splash, fireplace front, hearths and I always recommend tile for exterior doorway entries.”

Jr’s flooring showroom is convenient to State College, Bellefonte, and most other towns in central Pennsylvania. It is a flooring Nirvana, with thousands of flooring options available to peruse.

“We have over 4500 tile color options from typical stone looks thru very modern and contemporary looks. We also have a few vignettes to view along with a few tiles installed on our showroom floors.

Jr’s Quality Tile & Hardwood is convenient to State College and has a showroom of tile flooring options. It is a destination for anyone thinking about new flooring in their home. They have a team of experts ready to walk you through each step of the process, from selection through to installation.