State College Bathroom Renovation & Remodel

A State College homeowner recently decided to upgrade their home, focusing on an area that is proven to increase a home’s value. Inside, a spare bathroom needed a major overhaul. The old look was dated, and the homeowner wanted something more modern and practical.

The homeowner was referred to Jr’s Quality Tile & Hardwood by another State College-based friend for their experience, selection and eye for detail.State College bathroom renovation

Fred McClellan is the owner at Jr’s. According to Fred, not only was the old bathroom’s design outdated, it also didn’t function as the family wanted.

“The client came to Jr’s wanting to update the spare bathroom that’s used everyday,” Fred says. “The builder-grade tub/shower unit wasn’t the desired use of this bath, as the tub was never used.”

Since the tub wasn’t necessary, the new bathroom came down to a choice of showers. The client settled on an elegant and functional choice.

“Our client wanted a tile shower for the ease of use and the luxury feel they provide,” Fred says. “The client also needed some safety features for access and daily use. The desired look wasn’t to have it look commercial.”

When the project was complete, Jr’s had updated the shower, fixtures, flooring, cabinetry and the lighting.

The home’s owner even helped out.

“The owner did the painting over one weekend to help keep costs down,” Fred says. “Jr’s is flexible and encourages the DIY in our clients.”

Whether you live in State College or anywhere else in Central Pennsylvania, to learn more about how Jr’s can help renovate your home, contact them today.