Santa Claus Gets New Flooring From Jr's

Everyone knows that Santa Claus and his wife live at the North Pole with their eight reindeer and families of elves. What is less known is how unhappy Santa and Mrs. Claus were with their home’s flooring. 

“I had some very nice ideas for new flooring in all of our rooms,” Mrs. Claus said. “I know Santa had some thoughts on a few rooms as well.”  

Mr. and Mrs. Claus decided to get new flooring from State College’s flooring superstore, Jr’s Quality Hardwood and Tile. santa

Fred McClellan is the owner at Jr’s. He consulted Mr. and Mrs. Claus on their flooring options, as well as providing his expert recommendations.


Careful Consideration

Santa receives a lot of visitors - a consideration Fred took seriously in his flooring recommendations for their entryway. 

“We installed a porcelain tile with a realistic stone pattern in their foyer,” Fred says. “This will help hide the day to day foot traffic and still look good without fussing every day over keeping it clean.”

The next room to receive new flooring was Santa’s master bathroom. 

“Santa requested a rustic look, as he likes old barns, so we presented him with wood plank tile from Cisa Ceramiche - 8” x 48” tiles mixed with 10” x 48”. This tile has the texture and look of a weathered barn plank,” Fred says.


All The Style, Half The Fuss

Mrs. Clauses master bath was next, and she wanted a new shower.

“Mrs. Claus preferred a more refined classic look, so we showed her a classic Carrara porcelain tile to create the look with less worry over the natural stone,” Fred says. “We also specified Prism Deloreon Gray grout to provide a more stain resistant grout, compared to a regular cement based grout. We call this design look ‘rustic elegance.’”

For the Claus master bedroom, Fred chose an option that was warm for those chilly North Pole nights. 

“We specified a 80 oz. wool carpet in warm tones to provide many years of coziness for her and Santa.”

In the Claus living room, Fred recommended a natural, warm option.

“Santa took our recommendation and we installed a wide plank Hickory in a natural finish for their living room to showcase the real beauty of this natural product,” Fred says.


Luxury And Comfort

The dining room is another very busy room in the home. The Jr’s team installed a luxury vinyl wood plank with a cork backer. 

“This will provide a warm feel with easy clean up, moisture resistance and a great look,” Fred says.

Santa 2Santa had some serious ideas about what he wanted to do with the Clauses basement. Fred was happy to bring his vision to life.

“The basement is Santa’s man cave, and he really likes the look and feel of the Irish pubs. We put in a wide plank engineered wood floor, oil finished for everlasting great look with a little yearly maintenance,” Fred says. “This floor also has a hand scrape to provide character and complete the look. The series is actually called English Pub.”

In one corner of the room, Fred and his team of experts installed a home theatre area. 

“We built a series of raised platforms for the recliners, so his favorite elves could enjoy their favorite Christmas movies,” Fred says. “Of course there is surround sound for the large wall mounted flat screen in high definition.”

A lounge area completes the room, and gives Santa the ideal party place.

“The refreshment area is a three sided bar with a stone veneer facing, granite counter top, rustic beams to support the overhead tin ceiling with a mirrored wall behind the display shelving.”


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