Shopping For Hardwood Flooring? Jr's Is Your Expert Resource

New flooring can take a room and completely transform the way it looks, creating an abundance of ambiance, style and warmth.

Perhaps no flooring option transmits that warm feeling more than hardwood flooring. From domestic options like oak, cherry, birch, walnut and maple hardwood flooring to more exotic options, State College Flooring Storehomeowners have a wide array of choices available to them. Which ones are best? 

To get an inside look at which hardwood flooring options may be right for you, we spoke with local flooring expert Fred McClellan. Fred is the owner at State College flooring superstore Jr’s Quality Tile and Hardwood.

Why do people like hardwood flooring? According to Fred, hardwood flooring is stylish, adds value to the home, is hypo allergenic and easy to care for.

“As for domestic hardwood flooring, red oak and hickory are still the most popular choices, with maple and walnut following,” Fred says. “They’re traditional flooring that have been used for hundreds of years. Popular exotic options include Brazilian cherry and bamboo flooring.”

When it comes to shopping for hardwood flooring for your home, State College homeowners trust Jr’s Quality Tile and Hardwood. What makes shopping for hardwood flooring at Jr’s special? 

“We have a wide range of styles to choose from and are knowledgeable how the wood will perform in different settings,” Fred says.

Another option is engineered hardwood flooring. Less expensive than solid hardwood flooring, engineered options have grown and now encompass most hardwood types.

“Engineered flooring is comprised of multiple layers of more stable wood species,” Fred says. “This gives us more stability in wider width planks allowing for a more interesting visual of the wood grain.”

Hardwood flooring expertsHow about hardwood flooring installation? What are the installation options for a homeowner?

“We provide flooring installation services. For the do-it-yourselfer, hardwood flooring is an easy to install product with a few specialty tools and a few you might already have. Moisture and relative humidity are always talked about, as these levels need to be monitored for the floor to perform its best,” Fred says.

What are the limits of where you can install hardwood flooring?

“Hardwood can be used in any room of the home, although we always caution use in wet areas,” Fred says. “For areas with higher moisture levels, luxury vinyl plank flooring looks and performs well.”

Jr’s Quality Tile and Hardwood are the State College region’s premier flooring store. They offer an enormous variety of flooring options to browse. Store visitors can also experience several showrooms to get a fully immersed experience. Their flooring experts are always available to help homeowners through the process - from selecting the right flooring to design and installation. Contact them today to learn more!