Hardwood: A Classic Flooring Option For Your Home

Have you dreamed of owning a lovely State College home with elegant hardwood flooring? The timeless beauty of fine oak, cherry, basswood, ash, maple, mahogany, and other premiere hardwoods creates some luxurious living spaces. These polished surfaces supply important decor accents, while also furnishing durable support for a variety of daily activities. Indeed, installing a hardwood floor today offers a number of advantages. Just consider a few of these benefits: 
One: Maintain a Fashionable Appearance 
One popular reason to consider requesting the installation of this type of flooring relates to current fashion trends. Wood floors have enjoyed immense popularity in the United States and Canada for centuries. While many design movements retain only a comparatively brief period of prominence, this one continues to hold sway even in the age of high tech automation. Lovely, well-maintained wood floors simply don't fall out of favor. 

Wood as a construction material holds numerous benefits. It remains attractive for extended periods of time, it withstands heavy use, and it does not cost as much as many comparable flooring options (particularly over the long term). Additionally, hardwood surfaces accept a variety of modifications, including polishing, staining, and waxing. Property owners fortunate enough to possess floors built from sturdy hardwood enjoy an impressive variety of decorating options. For example, they can install custom furniture stained to carry forward specific desired hardwood accents and color tones throughout every room in the home. The also possess wide latitude to decorate with stylish built-in hardwood closets, shelving, wainscoting, and bookcases. 

Two: Reduce Carpeting Expenses 
Hardwood flooring supplies another important decorating advantage: it permits homeowners to economize on expensive carpeting. For example, a property owner who cannot afford to install wall-to-wall Berber or plush wool or nylon weaves throughout the entire dwelling may choose to carpet only one or two rooms instead. The residence will still appear fully decorated. 
In regions in which hardwood predominates as a flooring material (including New England and much of the Midwest), many style-conscious homeowners rely extensively upon area rugs. Wood flooring tends to complement these products perfectly. It supplies firm support, without overwhelming brightly colored or intricately patterned fabrics. Relying on the selective use of area rugs in conjunction with fine wood floors offers an economical budget option for some households. 
Three: Enjoy Easy Maintenance 
Yet another reason to prefer hardwood as a flooring material relates to the ease of maintenance. An extensively carpeted home requires periodic carpet cleaning in order to prevent odors from lingering in the floors. By contrast, wood will accommodate light dusting without protracted floor cleaning. 
Additionally, many manufacturers offer protective sealants designed to help preserve wood colors over long periods of time. Property owners do not need to expend long hours maintaining wood floors under most circumstances. With proper care, these types of floors withstand heavy use while requiring minimal upkeep. 
Four: Maintain Property Re-Sale Value 
Finally, consider requesting the installation of lovely hardwood surfaces as a way to help maintain realty property values. A dearly loved maple wood or cherry wood floor retains its natural beauty for years. Hardwood remains popular in luxury homes. 
Consider visiting some real estate listings with wood floors. Many real estate buyers prefer this flooring material. Home sellers widely recognize the aesthetic qualities of elegant hardwoods. This flooring sometimes becomes a key marketing point in re-sale homes. 
Hardwood: A Smart Choice 
Whether you build a custom home and include hardwood flooring in your design plans, or you install a new wood floor during a property upgrade, this amenity offers potentially years of utility and enjoyment. A lovely State College home provides a great location for a stylish, cost-effective, easily maintained ash, oak, cherry, or mahogany floor. These floors do not absolutely require carpeting (although decorators certainly enjoy that option). 
Attractive wood flooring never loses its cachet! With proper floor care, homeowners who opt for the natural beauty of rich wood grains in residential flooring discover this investment continues to hold value months, years, and even decades into the future. Take action this year to realize your dream of owning a beautiful custom hardwood floor!